Hi All of OSCI,

My arrival time was delayed by a clothes dryer hose failure.  A duct tape temporary repair allowed me to see the first launch as I approached the airport about 12:15.  Earlier in the week I had sent an email saying we had only Lisa D’Alurra (mother and former charter pilot) and Walker Johnson (son-16) wanting FAST kits along with Whitt and I on the list.  The list quickly expanded to

10 flights including four FAST Kits, four rides, and finally two dual training flights.  Dan flew flights 1 and 2 with Walker and Lisa, both FAST1’s.  I flew flight 3 with Brett Durant on his FAST 1, courtesy of girlfriend Leigh Jenkins (lucky man).  Dan then took Tom Schaap on his FAST 1 for flight 4.  Flights 5–7 were Allen giving rides to the sons of a friend of his and girlfriend Nicki.  Allen got special consideration since this was probably his last day with us.  He is deploying to England and soon after that leaving active duty.  Whitt then flew with Bob Arant’s son Jessie. I finished the day flying training flights 9&10 with Pat Greenwood and Steve Davis.  The hangar flight landed at 17:27.  As for towing, Whitt did the first three, Paul did the next three Dan finished up the last four.  All flights were between 17 and 20 minutes.  Thank you to all who helped make this somewhat unusual day go smoothly.  Dan clearly gets the day’s sore but award with seven trips aloft.  I arbitrarily give special thanks awards to Pat Greenwood and Bob Arant for ground crewing.