Hi All of OSCI,


It was a spectacularly nice day, 70’s with a light and variable wind, good lift for the most part.  We set up for a 31 t/o-13 ldg operation and did nine flights.  The L23 flew eight flights, three duals, one ride and four solos.  I did the duals with Steve Davis, Donna Neff, Bob Arant, and the ride with my guest Bob Hess who was high bidder on my church glider ride auction.  Mac McKain, Jim Clark, Mike Boska flew the L23 solos.  L23 flight times recorded look like “OSCI average” but most came down after being in good lift  just to be courteous.  Bob Dyer demonstrated the day’s potential by flying 2+39 in his Russia, the only non-L23 flight of the day.  Bob was pleased that he pushed out farther than he had previously done – and got back.  I overheard him say words like “Tekamah” and “Scribner”.  Jerry Adams would have added another Russia flight but gets the Disappointment on the Day award, and condolences, for finding a crack in what I understood to be a spoiler attachment bracket on his ship.  He gets the Outstanding Preflight of the Day award.  Special thanks go to Whitt Bonifant for towing all the flights.  We gathered at noon, launched at 12:38, last landing at 17:29, and were all out by 6:00 ish.