Hi All of OSCI,


I arrived a bit before the 1:00 start time and found the hangar doors opened with Whitt and Steve D. talking to visitors Darcy McAbee and her dad Dal McAbee.  Darcy had contacted me several days ago to try and get her dad an intro flight this week.  Darcy is retired AF working at Offutt.  It seems she had talked to some guys about us.  I think “Short” was mentioned.  The day has been alternately threatening and promising and was looking OK while we caravanned out to the far end.  By the time we got set up and ready to fly the cloud cover had increased with a darker area off to the south.  Whitt towed.  Steve D. and I took the first flight in order to let Dal and Darcy see a flight.   Darcy was getting a short course in glider launching when Don Meyer arrived in time to demonstrate the take off arm rotation.  By the time we got up above 3000msl it was obvious that the weather had returned to the threatening mode.  We released at about 3700 as it appeared Whitt had us about as high as either of us cared to go.  There was an active shower area approaching the field rather quickly.  It wasn’t of very large diameter and looked like it might pass just east of the field – but the darkening sky further south convinced Steve and I that we ought to get on down.  I “demonstrated” a rapid descent and landing to Steve.  :13.  We had the honor of being the first and last flight.  Rain drops stated hitting the canopy just after we came to a stop.  We all hooked up, packed up, and returned to caravan mode.  Whitt beat the caravan back to the hangar and had the doors open.  Everything got in just a little wet, including us, damp not soaked.  Thanks to the McAbee’s for pitching in with the work.  They may be able to try again on Saturday.  Saturday looks to be another day with showers in the forecast so let’s hope for “promising”.


Seeya – Saturday at the quarterly meeting, 10:00, Skywerx