HI All of OSCI,


I arrived a bit before noon and found Whitt and Pat G. already on hand.  I had received two last minute regrets just prior to heading out to the field so knew Anders was the last listed hope for having a workable number of 4 members on hand.  And by golly he soon arrived.  We set up for a 13 operation with Whitt towing.  The first launch was Pat G. and me on a dual flight.  There were signs of lift but mostly just zero sink.  By the time we got back (:25), Perry had arrived and soon thereafter Bob  A. came making the division of tasks much easier.  Anders then flew a solo, :37.  Conditions were getting better.  Perry flew solo for :51 for our longest flight. These two flights could have stayed up.  Whitt then relinquished the Pawnee to me while he flew a dual with Bob A.  As I taxied the Pawnee to get gas I heard them calling downwind on the fourth and hangar flight :24.  By about 4:30 we had everything put away.  It was a good day to practice summertime and I was very happy to get the a/c cranked up in the car!