Hi All of OSCI,

The day turned out far better than forecasted.  There was no close threat of showers and some flights had good climbs.  Some had bad sink.  Flight (1) :23, Jay and I on his safety flight, was off at 12:28 which was pretty good for a noon start and having to tow up for a 13 operation.  Of course nearly everyone had arrived well before me and Jim C. already had the tent set up at the far end.  Thanks to the early arrivers.  (2) :19 was Jim C. on solo.  (3) :20 was Mike in his Russia (see “sink”).  (4) :30 was James Rogers with Bob C. on FAST 1.  (5) :28 was Jason Bogner also on FAST 1 with Bob C.  (6) :24 was Bob Arant on a dual with Bob C.  (7) :28 was Jim C. with Jay as passenger.  (8) :24 was Mac, solo on his “back in the saddle” flight.  He had asked me to go dual with him but I was trapped in the tow plane for the last three flights after Whitt towed the first five before having to leave.  Thanks though to Whitt for starting out the towing since lacking him I would have been in the Pawnee all day.  Also thanks to Bob C. for pushing the envelope on his available time to get out the last three dual flights.

When I refueled the Pawnee I found out the club credit card was missing.  I recall hearing someone say the card was left at the pump last time out and SkyWerx returned it to one of us.  Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of the cc?