Hi All,


I arrived “responsibly early” about 11:40 to find the stuff pretty much all up at the far end setting up for a 13 operation.  I did my share by pulling Ander’s Russia out with my Subaru and trusty tow rope.  The soaring forecast was dead on, i.e. there is a warm air aloft and lift is unlikely.  We did seven flights all in the :15 to :19 range.  But it was a 60 degree mid November day with a significant but doable cross wind so we all were of good humor just to get up.  Visitor Christian Landon arrived during our set up.  Christian is an AF pilot at Offutt and is acquainted with Allen Short (now in Alaska, out of the AF but flying with the Alaska Air Guard and looking for an airline job).  Christian had talked with Bob Craig so came with the knowledge that he wanted a FAST kit.  Whit towed five flights with Paul getting the last two.  Thanks to all for the good ground handling effort, especially Anders who opted not to fly but helped throughout.


The first flight launched at 12:15 and the last flight landed at 14:42.

1) Tom S./solo L23

2) Mac/solo L23

3) Christian/Jaime L23 – FAST 1

4) Paul –  L33

5) Bob A./solo L23

6) Mike – Russia

7) Christian/Jaime  L23 – Fast 2,  I’m glad we got this in since flying is likely about to be less often.


We were wrapped up and out by about 3:30.