Hi All,

My day started with ground school attended by Steve Davis, Tom Schaap, and Steve Stevens.  A bit after 11:00 a young lady, Katelyn, came in with one of our gift certificates and asked if she could fly today.  We wrapped up GS about 11:15 and headed for the hangars.  When I got there, Brian was there to help and get an intro flight.  By the time we had moved the gliders out for a 13 operation we were joined by Allen and Kevin (not together), each wanting an intro flight.  Shortly thereafter Bob A’s friend Rich arrived hoping for an intro flight.  The far end of out strip soon had a bunch of family and friends who came to watch.  This is the first time in my memory that a flock of intros arrived independently of each other.

Fortunately for us Steve S. was on hand to tow since I was the only other Com. or CFI available to give the rides.  We got organized with Bob A. briefing and strapping in each passenger with Tom launching and bring my car to the glider after landing.  Then he walked the glider back while I drove the car back with the passenger.  Then I could relax a moment before jumping back in for an instant replay.  The five intro flights varied from :17 to :21.  Steve had wanted to leave by 3:00 but graciously stuck around to launch the fifth intro (flight 6) a bit after 3:00.  Mike worked in a Russia flight as flight 4 for the day and managed to stay up for 1:00.  After Steve left I towed the hangar flight flown by Mac.  Bob A. and Tom both passed on flying since they each had flown on Friday and it was a better day.  We were all closed up and out the gate by 16:45.  Thanks to everyone on had for the effort and good will.