Training Materials

2018 Soaring Season

Check the bylaws to be sure you’re qualified to fly with the Club this season. Here are a couple of other helpful links. The 2018 Safety Meeting video is here. Fill out the OSCI Safety Quiz and submit to Tom Schapp or Whit Bonifant.

Other useful club related materials

A series of training and testing requirements are required for operations within the club. Some of the information and required tests are available here. Reading these documents requires Microsoft Word or software capable of reading word documents.

Initial operations quiz. OSCI Initial Operations Quiz

Presolo Test. OSCI Student Pilot Pre Solo Test

In addition to the pre-solo test, a check off for the operation of the L-23 is required.

L-23 checkout requirements

L-23 test

POH pages specific to N258BA–our L-23

In addition, we have a nice video of spin training published by the SSA to check out! .–Yc

For members who have bought a share of the L-33 solo ship, check out requirements and an exam are also required before initial flight. You will need to read the manual, L-33, get checked out, L-33 checkout requirements, and take the test,L-33 test

New members will need to be trained as a wing runner. Before “soloing”, they will need to pass the wing runner test. WING RUNNER TEST

New tow pilots are also required to pass a basic exam available here. TOW PILOT QUALIFICATION QUIZ

Advanced study materials

A great number of books and essays are available through book retailers and club members.  In addition, several good articles are available for free download including Introduction to Cross-Country Soaring
By Kai Gertsen

Off-Airport Landings
By Kai Gertsen

By Kai Gertsen

Which are available at B T link publishing