Do you want to learn to Fly?

Glider flying is accessible to everyone. It is fun, challenging, rewarding, and provides a path for a lifetime of learning and self improvement through the study of aviation and the pilot, You!

So what can I do to get started, or to at least explore whether I want to learn to fly.

Step 1: Come out to visit during operations. Typically, the times and dates of operations will be posted on the front page of the web site for easy access. In addition, you can call some of the club members and ask questions, get information, learn what is involved to see whether this is something that might be for you. You can start with Bob, instructor, at 402-490-8360 or Whit, Instructor, at 402-679-1944. He may suggest additional contacts.

Step 2: Sign up for the “FAST” package. FAST stands for Fly A Sailplane Today. For $139, you receive two lessons with a certified flight instructor, a log book, a copy of “Everybody’s 1st Gliding Book”, and a three month membership in the Soaring Society of America.

OK, I have done my two lessons and decided to continue lessons, now what?

Step 3: Join the club. Joining the club requires filling out the information in the Membership Application, either online or by printing out a paper copy and bringing it to the airport during a club operation. Once a member, monthly dues are $35. You will pay as you go for tow charges and glider rental. Instruction is included at no additional charge.